Everlasting Plywood Flowers

02 Feb 2011

Laser-cutted tulips.


Inlay-work “Untitled 3″

05 Jan 2011

Laser-cutted, wooden inlay-work.


Arduino-powered Megabitmeter

25 Dec 2010

Displays the amount of used bandwith.



13 Dec 2010

Endless graffiti on drive-by.


Wooden CD-Case

02 Dec 2010

Jewel-case size, leather binding and engrave-able.


Inlay-work “Fairy Dust”

21 Nov 2010

Laser-cutted, consisting of Teak, Mahagoni, Wenge and Paduk.


Salad – Head of the Nation

27 Oct 2010

Portrait of the german chancellor, made of collard (Kohl).


Tealight Christmas Pyramide

26 Oct 2010

Comes as a metal-sheet on a postcard.


Wooden button-box with USB

10 Oct 2010

Designed to trigger jingles while recording podcasts.


Pixie Disco Jumpsuit

18 Sep 2010

Disco-dress for the 21th century.


Lasered Blower

21 Jul 2010

Acrylic or wooden bars, different colours and customizable.


Wooden Gyroscopic Award

01 Feb 2010

The “Doing strange things with electricity”-Award


Warhammer Playground

17 Jan 2010

Designed by Jonathan.


Wooden Humidifier

12 Jan 2010

Requires no electricity.


Metabricks – A Puzzle-Toy

10 Dec 2009

Laser-cutted fun for the whole family.